Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Perfect Plan

My sister is pregnant with a girl. I am so happy for her and I am super excited to be an aunt to a girl. She was sharing with me all her dreams about what her and her daughter are going to do. I was so happy for her...but one thing...I was a little sad for me.

I came to the realization that I will never do those things with a daughter. I have two sons who I love more than words, but I will never have a daughter to go shopping with, or have manicures with, or talk about their boyfriends with. Sniff sniff.

I came to a decision whilst thinking about all this daughter stuff. My sons are going to have to marry orphan girls. That way they will not have had a mother to do those things with and I can fill that void. The perfect solution! Not only that, but my boys won't have to split the holidays between me and their inlaws...because there won't be any. I can help plan the wedding because these poor orphan girls won't have mothers to help them do it! When they have babies I can be in the delivery room when my first grandbabies are born because those poor girls will not have anyone to help them in a maternal way.

I shared my perfect plan with my husband, if he didn't think it before , my plan confirmed it. He thinks I am insane LOLOLOL!

Oh well, if they don't marry orphans, Plan B will be to live vicariously through my sister.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Courts are NOT Environmentally Friendly

Last September my mom was accused of shoplifting by an overzealous Loss Prevention officer at our local grocery store. He yelled at her that she was a thief,that she stole a case of pop, he embarrassed her in front of her peers, dragged her into the store, only to find....that she had paid for it and the cashier had just forgotten to put a sticker on it.

Instead of apologizing to her he told her to "get lost". Nice. After calling and complaining to the store she was told that the LP officer just needed "more training". Nice. Still no apology.

My poor mom has been absolutely mortified and devestated that this happened to her. So I told her she should sue the company that the LP officer works for. She agreed (keep in mind in all of her 53 years she has NEVER sued anyone, and neither have I). So I agreed to be her representative in small claims court.

You would not beleive how much paper needs to be filed. I swear I have killed a small forest with all of the papers that need to be filled out, filed and mailed. It is just crazy.

When I went to the court house the other day to file yet another set of papers I saw our is at least a foot thick!

I apologize to the paper Gods, you would think in this day and age there would be something you could fill out online. Anyway, I just printed off another stack of papers and am thinking that all this paperwork would be enough to dissuade most people from representing themselves in court themselves. Maybe this is why Lawyers get paid so cover the cost of paper!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


What does love mean to you? I am interested to know. To me it is beyond explaining, it just something that is. It makes my heart swell or sometimes hurt depending on the situation. It is what I feel about the three boys in the picture above, my boys all three of them.

I asked my twinks what love meant to them, this is their responses...

Twink #1 "love is when you make me a sandwich and cut off the crusts 'cause you know that is what i like, because I DON'T love crusts" LOL

Twink #2 "love is when you hug me and I hug you and even if you are mad at me because I was naughty you still say you love me...even though you are still cross" LOL

I would LOVE it if you could ask your little one's (or friends little ones) what love means to them. I think it is so cute and very interesting too.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Kids are SO Going To Need Therapy

I might be a bit of a story teller. Especially to the twinks.

There was a bunny in our backyard today, which they spotted. As soon as I saw it I told them it was the Easter Bunny's spy that had come to check if their playroom was clean. It was not and two 5 year old boys ran to clean their room in record time.

The therapy bills are gonna be huge.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Recently I decided that it would be good for my kids to help me volunteer somewhere. I thought to myself, my children are really, really blessed/lucky/priviledged, whatever you want to call it (don't call it spoiled because then I can get cranky). They are five years old and I really don't think that they are old enough yet to realize that not everyone their age in the world gets to live in a nice house, have a fully tummy, wear nice clothes and have a playroom that is reminiscent of Toys R Us.

Being the sometimes naive person that I am, I thought to myself, we should help out at our local soup kitchen (St. Vincent's soup kitchen). We drove down there and I was all ready to ladel soup (okay or serve food, I am not that naive that I believe that they only serve soup) and have my children experience a situation that they have never really had to think about before.

We arrived there and went to talk to the volunteer leader...who looked at me like I was insane. She feels that the kids are WAY too young to be introduced to the people in our city that frequent the soup kitchen, she reminded me that the local Meth Clinic is practically right beside the kitchen and alot of the clientele are some unsavory type of people. Right. I forgot about that.

Loading my kiddies back into the car, feeling a little embarrassed that I hadn't really thought about the whole situation we came home. I told my hubby what I had done, and he called me Pollyanna (like the old Disney movie), he said that I see the world through rose coloured glasses and I need to take them off occassionally and see the world the way it is. Isn't that awful? We are the perfect Ying and Yang, he tends to be the Realist and I tend to be...well...Pollyanna like. I hope our kids turn out to be a good combination of both, because sometimes it's really nice to look at the world and see only the good in people and not always be suspicious of their motives.

So after that whole situation, we signed up to volunteer somewhere else. In our local old age home. My kids might not be able to see people less fortunate then themselves, but at least they will still be helping in their community. Maybe we will save the soup kitchen for when they are a bit older.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dare I say it....has Spring Sprung?

Two days in a row of sunshine. Sunshine people!!!! I feel like there hasn't been two days of consecutive sunshine since Thanksgiving. I feel like maybe (knock on wood) that Spring is within sight. Sigh. I feel happy inside. My stomach was still a little woozy yesterday, but I managed to work through it and have a good afternoon outside with the Twinks. We built snowmen (yes plural) figuring that this might be the last time we will be able to do this, this year.

Today I am feeling bettter, better still because of the beautiful weather:) I have got so much accomplished today. I have pretty much disinfected as much as I can think of (even remembering to disinfect the light switches, door handles and telephones), almost all the laundry and I actually got alot of "work" (client's work that is) done.

I hope everyone else out there is enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning too :)

I leave off with yet another pic of my twinks...just because I want to and it's my blog dammit LOL

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Photo

This is a great pic of my boys. We were at the cottage and they were getting ready for bedtime. The fireplace was going and I was making hot cocoa. I remember when this picture happened, just like it was yesterday. I hope I always remember that day, it was a great day with my twinks:)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stomach Flu

I hate the stomach flu. I have it. I felt fine yesterday, actually, I felt quite good. Until around 10:30pm, then it hit. I puked (TMI?) all night, and feel pretty crappy right now. I am praying that the boys don't get it.

The last time they had it, I swear to God I did at least 15 loads of laundry and went through about 4 litres of Ginger Ale.

Here is hoping I am the only one to be afflicted with this. I feel achy and feverish. Blah. Today is definately a jammie day.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Easter Bunny Might Have a Tough Time This Year

We got another huge dumping of snow yesterday. About a foot fell in a little over seven hours, bringing our total amount of snow to about two and a half feet on the ground.

Every year for Easter we (er the Easter Bunny) have a huge easter egg hunt in our backyard and the whole neighborhood does another one at the park. Easter is two weeks away. I am thinking it is not going to happen this year :( I was joking with my DH and I told him that it will really be a hunt, the boys will have to dig them out from under snow.

I am guessing that we will be having the hunt indoors this year.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Me!

Today is my 31st birthday. That is right the big 3-1. I feel more like 13 than 31, weird huh?

Today I am going to indulge myself. I took a long bubble bath. I have already had two large coffees with REAL sugar,not a sugar substitute, with Vanilla Caramel Coffee Mate MMMMMMM!

I am going to putter around the house with no real goal other than to have fun with my hubby and boys, perhaps watch a girly movie this afternoon while the boys are having quiet time.

My family and friends are coming over tonight (as long as this MASSIVE BLOODY winter storm is over) and we are going to have lasagna (which I made yesterday so I wouldn't have to do anything today) garlic bread and ceasar salad. I am going to have a REAL piece of cake (not a little sliver or a bite like I normally do) and I am going to have some wine (maybe a FEW glasses LOL).

Anyway, if anyone is around and wants to stop by feel free (even if in spirit only ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cabin Fever and then some

My boys are driving me BONKERS!!!! They are not tv, computer or video game kids normally, but with this long, seemingly endless winter I have given in and they are playing those things or watching them alot more than normal. They are even getting sick of those things now. It has been such cold, crummy weather for the last few days that they are getting cabin fever.

I have been trying to take them out for a least a little while each day, but today we only managed to be outside for a half an hour, it is minus fourteen degrees celsius with the wind chill. We are going to my sister's this afternoon for a visit, I need to get them out of the house before they kill each other (or I kill them LOL).

Normally the boys are best friends, rarely argue and fight, but this past couple of weeks I think they are just getting sick of not being able to use up their energy and the only way they seem to be using up that energy is wrestling/bugging/anything else they shouldn't be doing.

I can't wait for the first sign of spring....

PS The pic above is a couple of years old, they are hugging each other and giving each other a kiss...I love that pic!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

All is Quiet on the HomeFront

Today is a weird day. My DH is working (not so weird as he works every other weekend) and my kids spent the night at my parents house. Now my parent's backyard backs onto ours so normally if the boys spend the night, they call me when they wake up and I go get them. However, my dad bought a PS3 a couple of months ago and the boys LOVE it.

It is mid afternoon and I called over to my parent's house for the fifth time today just to be told that the boys are STILL playing PS3 and are enjoying themselves. I am home by myself, able to do whatever I want. THIS IS WEIRD. I am going to enjoy it though because once the nice weather comes, the PS3 will go away until next winter and I will have two boys who will want to go swimming, bike riding, camping, out to the park, to play in the sprinkler, etc.

I am reading all my favourite blogs and going to read a book. Maybe even take a mid day bubble bath....I think I am getting spoiled :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Today is my 6 year anniversary. I am lucky enough to be married to the most wonderful man, I really lucked out. He is kind, thoughtful, and is the perfect "other half" to me. We got married on the beaches in Mexico with 25 of our closest friends and family gathered around us, with the wind blowing right before sunset. It was so beautiful.

We are going to celebrate tonight by going out for a nice dinner, just the two of us (my mom is watching the twinks) and I think I have the perfect gift for him tonight. When we were in Mexico the day after the wedding we bought a print of the date of our wedding written in Mayan scrawl. Well, being the procrastinators that we are in framing pictures (the rest of our lives we are en pointe, but when it comes to buying picture frames and actually framing the beautiful pics we have....we suck LOL) I had the print framed with a small picture of our wedding inset. I think he is going to like it:)
The picture above isn't from my wedding, it is from my sister's. My pictures need to be scanned into the computer and guess what....we haven't done that yet either LOL