Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alien Children

Last night the weather here was FREEZING. That being said,my children were going stir crazy, so we bundled up and went outside to play. The boys got these lazer type guns that makes lots of noise and light up and I must admit are pretty cool.

After spending half an hour in the backyard we decided to "fight the aliens" that had invaded our neighborhood (my children do not lack imagination lol) Rolling behind mounds of snow, dodging and hiding from cars driving by, shooting their lazer guns at my parents house down the road are all things that kept us outside an additional 45 minutes.

We decided to return to the mother ship (our house) and have some hot cocoa and apple cider. We came into the house and took off our snow clothes only to have Twink A start screaming and holding his wrist, Twink B ran over to investigate...they came to the conclusion that he was bitten by alien hatchlings on our travels and that both of them would now become alien children. Oh the horror! I discovered he just had frost bite, lol.


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