Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vocabulary of Champions

Sometimes I wonder where my kids learned words or phrases. Here are a couple that have me stumped...

Twink A "Mom do I look prestigious in this outfit?"

Me "Yeah, sure...."

Twink A "Yeah I thought so, most aristocrats do"

Huh? Where the heck did that come from. Here is another one I don't get.

Twink B "Mom I am absolutely famished, can I have a Rice KRispy treat"

Me. "Okay, where did you learn that word?"

Twink B "Rice KRispy Treat?"

Me. "No, famished?"

Twink B "I don't know but I am hungry, so can I have one?"

I know that I didn't use words like that when I was five, hell, I don't use half those words now. I think they are slipping some pretty fancy vocabulary into the cartoons these days.


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