Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Yes I Procrastinate

I was never one of those kids who rushed home and finished their homework or projects the same day I got them. My sister was. She would come straight home from school and start her homework and finish it, then go play. I did not. I was more of the come home, play, hang out go to bed, wake up the next morning go to school and madly try to finish it in the hallways of school before my class.

The kicker was I ususally did better in school than my sister. I thought I was awesome. Well, not so much, enter adulthood. I have recently decided that leaving things to the last moment, frantically trying to complete a project or finish something in the eighth hour sucks. I can't handle the stress any more. My sister seems to float through life, rarely stressed out and I have discovered it is because she is..gasp...organized. I am starting this school year off on a new foot. I will not be one of those procrastinators. I WILL not play before I work. I will not be the lazy grasshopper, I WILL be the worker ant.

I should go get to work!


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