Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Mommy will you marry me"

I have recently promised my sons that I will marry both of them when they grow up. I know it sounds really weird and kinda gross, but clearly this is something that they have been talking about and something that has weighed heavily on their little minds.

It appears a friend of theirs told them that when they grow up they have to move out and get a house and a wife of their own. This was just beyond the Twinks comprehension. Why would anyone want to move out and get a
girlfriend...girls are yucky. They were devastated that they would one day need to leave our home. Amidst a sea of tears I finally found out the root of the problem - they both wanted to marry me so they could always live with me. Perhaps my children will need therapy one day, but I couldn't bear to see them so upset, so I agreed that yes, I would indeed marry them both when they grew up.

When I asked my youngest twink why he wanted to marry me, he stated,"because you make good sandwiches". Males really do think with their stomachs. LOL.
I know one day (probably quicker than I will like) they will bring home a girl who will be the actual girl they want to marry, and boy will that girl be lucky. To me they will always be the tiny, beautiful bundles I brought home from the hospital.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Hate Red Food Colouring

Have you ever met one of those kids where you think," Holy Christ am I ever glad that one is not mine"? Well, that is how one of my little guys act when he has had anything with red dye in it.

I have banned, red juice, red smarties (even if most people leave them for last), red candy of ANY kind and now have discovered another "red" thing that I must NEVER let him have again.

Poor kid has a rotten cold. Being the good parent that I am, I decided to give him the 12 hour relief bedtime Benelyn. He should sleep right? This should make him relaxed enough to be able to sleep right through the stuff nose and aches and pains. One would think. But if one was thinking they would realize that the liquid medicine is red. One would realize that giving this child this medicine would have the exact OPPOSITE effect.

Needless to say I have not slept since yesterday morning at around this exact time. Not only did I have a child who just couldn't sleep, I had a whiny sick kid that just couldn't sleep. We had juice (not red), we had Tylenol (both of us), we blew his nose every 4 seconds and watched cartoons all night long (thank you Treehouse TV!). We nodded off around 7:30am, I carried him upstairs and tucked him in. He is finally sleeping peacefully (from sheer exhaustion, he still has a cold). I just settled my head on my pillow when....the other twink woke up. CRAP!

Sleep is highly overrated. I can always sleep when I am dead.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quiet Mornings

My DH works every other weekend. He starts work at 6:30am, so he is up at around 5:00am to get ready. ON Saturday mornings I don't get up with him, I sleep in until the twinks get up. They usually make a big production out of "trying to wake up mommy", after they wake me up they crawl into my bed and we cuddle and have some great talks.

Sundays are a whole other beast.

I wake up with DH and make a pot of coffee. We have a coffee together and then he is off to work. Then.....quiet.

I am completely by myself to lavish in the quiet until around 8:00am. NOw two hours of complete quiet doesn't sound like much, but when you are with your family (two five years olds included in that family) two hours of quiet is like heaven.

No one sits on my lap while I try to balance a cup of hot coffee. No one is asking me "mommy I am thirsty/hungry/want something". No one wants to know where I have put the milk (it has been in the same spot in the fridge for 10 years!). I am responsible to no one.

I sit, I drink coffee, I eat a muffin, I read the newspaper or a book. I am just me. This is my reflection time. I enjoy it, I relish it. I also realize that time is flying past me. I cannot beleive that my beautiful tiny babies are aleady five. I realize that there will be a time that comes, quicker than I realize, that all my mornings will be quiet. All my days and all my nights. One day my babies will grow up and leave our warm, safe home and forage their own ways through the world without me.

For now, two hours every other week is enought quiet. Maybe I can convince the boys to live with us forever. LOL.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gearing Up For The Busiest Time of the Year

I was invited to a Christmas party this past weekend, I checked my calendar to see if I was available. To my utter surprise, I realized I am almost FULLY booked for the months of NOvember and December. WTF? When did that happen?

We have to put up our Christmas tree on the weekend of November 15th and 16th because we have no other time. The weekend after that, I am going to Buffalo for Black Friday shopping trip with all of my sisters and my mom (superfun adult only, women only weekend I NEED to go to to keep my sanity), the weekend after that is a friend's Xmas party that my whole family goes to. Four days after that we go to Dominican for a week's vacay (again, something I DESPERATELY need this year, LOL, okay I am a little dramatic). We are home 4 days and I have my a Xmas party that one of my clients invited us to at Canoe (Michael BOnnaccini restaurant! need I say more, I CANNOT miss this). That brings us to December 16th. The weekend before Xmas, I refuse to go anywhere. That is time to spend with my twinks. Did I mention that other than our vacay down south, my DH has to work EVERY weekend between mid NOvember and Xmas? Damn retail jobs!

So I don't know what your schedule looks like, but if you know me and you want to get together...might I suggest a midweek visit? Oh, and book me soon, I am a verah verah popular girl this year!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Favourite Things

Snuggles from my boys.


My family.

Warm cozy jammies.

Bubble baths

Multiple Orgasms (TMI?)

Random Acts of Kindness

A nice robust red wine

Desperate Housewives (I love me a little Wisteria Lane once a week)

The word "Asshat" (it makes me giggle)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Boys Toys Suck

So yesterday my DH was off work and we decided to do some fun stuff with the boys. We went to the skateboarding park with them and they had a blast. They think they are all that and a bag of chips when they do a trick on their boards.

I am officially the AV girl. DH brings his skateboard and his BMX and the boys do the same. I DO NOT. I have a real dislike for pain and blood.I choose to shoot photos instead.

After that we took them to Mcdonalds. The one with the play land. The twinks finished their lunches in record time and took off to play, while DH and I enjoyed (okay, not really enjoyed the greasy food) the rest of our lunch.

After that, we went to Toys R Us, so I could get a good idea of what they would like for Xmas. I hate shopping for boy toys. It sucks. Their toys are so boring. I looked longingly at the isles of Barbies and baby dolls and all and everything that was pink. Then grudgingly made my way down the isles of cars, trucks, army men, action heroes. BORING. They however found lots that they loved and are going to write on their wish lists.

I snuck away when all three of them were immersed in trying some videogame demo, and made my way to the world of pink that is the Girls' isle. I might have actually bought a Holiday Barbie. I mean I am sure I can donate it to the Fire Department at Xmas time. I HAD to have her. She is beautiful.

Boys toys suck:(

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's gonna be one of those days....

It is 9:15am and it is ALREADY one of those days where I wish I could just go back to bed.

Here is my morning in a nutshell...

4:45 am - alarm goes off one hour early, I dont' realize it, and get up and run on the treadmill for an hour.

5:46am - I realize my fucking alarm went off an hour early

5:48am - I trip going up the stairs to get a shower and get carpet burn on my shins

6:00am - in the shower realizing my hot water tank is broken and there is only ice cold freezing water

6:30am - go to make coffee and realize THERE IS NONE!

6:45am - a twink makes his way downstairs and demands breakfast - not asks demands.

7:30am - the other twink makes his way downstairs and asks for breakfast - but then cries because I won't let him have cookies for breakfast (is he new? in the 5 years he has been around he has NEVER had cookies for breakfast)

8:30am - DH crawls out of bed and goes to the hottub to relax - to find that the ozonator is looking like it is going to expire - CHA CHING $350 to fix

8:45am - find out that a school hood acquaintance was murdered yesterday and he is only 24 years old. WTF?

9:00am - I want to start this day OVER!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dragons and Dalmations

When you have small children you really get to see what it is like to have no inabitions, to see what it is like to live, and play like nobody is watching. Today my two beautiful boys decided instead of wearing regular clothes they were going to wear one of their costumes from their dress up box.

I went to church with a Dalmation and a Dragon...I am pretty sure that not many other people can say the same in their lifetime. The looks we got were hysterical, especially from some of the older ladies (who I am sure think I am either a mental patient or a terrible mom LOL). Personally I think God doesn't care whether his children wear costumes or khaki's and dress shirts, who am I to judge?

Grocery shopping was an experience too. It is amazing that according to my children, Dragons and Dalmations ONLY eat chocolate, chips and other items from the CRAP food group. Hmmm, maybe I won't be losing the baby weight this week.

I wonder when we start to worry about what other people think we look like? I can say I don't remember the moment or event that lead me to start to look at myself twice before I left the house, but regardless it happened. Today was very refreshing. Maybe next week we will be a trio of freaks and I can wear one of my old Halloween costumes....or maybe not...now that I think about it I only have two Halloween costumes left. A super "sexy" angel and a biker bitch. Neither seems nearly appropriate enought to be seen in public with my 5 year olds.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

How I came to Drive a Mini Van

Once upon a time, I had a cute little figure, drove a cute little car and partied until dawn. Then I got married. And six days later found out I was pregnant. And six days after that found out I was having twins. Yes, you read that right, twins.

Quicker than I anticipated, I lost that cute little figure. Then I had to lose that cute little car...and trade it in for the dreaded, uncool - MINIVAN. Gasp! I was too young to drive a minivan. I was too cute for a minivan. I HATED the MINIVAN. Then my babies arrived and I traded partying til dawn, for breastfeeding til dawn, and all day and all night.

The first few months of my boys lives, I must admit are a bit of a blur, not the acid flashback kind, just a weird, fuzzy, blur. Soon, I recovered and got in the swing of things and made a discovery. The dreaded Minivan was actually pretty useful. It fit the two baby carseats in pretty easily, I could put the 500lb double stroller in the back fairly easily and I could speed (of course never with my precious bundles of joy in it with me) and the cops wouldn't even blink...for I must be a responsible mother...who else would drive a minivan?

I also decided I didn't have to be the typical "minivan mom", I might drive a minivan, but deep down, under the layers of baby fat (shut up, just because they are 5 years old now, I can still call it baby fat!), I still think of myself as that cute chick, who drives a cute car.