Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quiet Mornings

My DH works every other weekend. He starts work at 6:30am, so he is up at around 5:00am to get ready. ON Saturday mornings I don't get up with him, I sleep in until the twinks get up. They usually make a big production out of "trying to wake up mommy", after they wake me up they crawl into my bed and we cuddle and have some great talks.

Sundays are a whole other beast.

I wake up with DH and make a pot of coffee. We have a coffee together and then he is off to work. Then.....quiet.

I am completely by myself to lavish in the quiet until around 8:00am. NOw two hours of complete quiet doesn't sound like much, but when you are with your family (two five years olds included in that family) two hours of quiet is like heaven.

No one sits on my lap while I try to balance a cup of hot coffee. No one is asking me "mommy I am thirsty/hungry/want something". No one wants to know where I have put the milk (it has been in the same spot in the fridge for 10 years!). I am responsible to no one.

I sit, I drink coffee, I eat a muffin, I read the newspaper or a book. I am just me. This is my reflection time. I enjoy it, I relish it. I also realize that time is flying past me. I cannot beleive that my beautiful tiny babies are aleady five. I realize that there will be a time that comes, quicker than I realize, that all my mornings will be quiet. All my days and all my nights. One day my babies will grow up and leave our warm, safe home and forage their own ways through the world without me.

For now, two hours every other week is enought quiet. Maybe I can convince the boys to live with us forever. LOL.


At October 28, 2007 at 5:49 AM , Blogger Amy U. said...

Oh sure, you can set up a basement apartment for them...nevermind.

I love morning quiet time, too. I think today we are enjoying it at the exact same time.


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