Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dragons and Dalmations

When you have small children you really get to see what it is like to have no inabitions, to see what it is like to live, and play like nobody is watching. Today my two beautiful boys decided instead of wearing regular clothes they were going to wear one of their costumes from their dress up box.

I went to church with a Dalmation and a Dragon...I am pretty sure that not many other people can say the same in their lifetime. The looks we got were hysterical, especially from some of the older ladies (who I am sure think I am either a mental patient or a terrible mom LOL). Personally I think God doesn't care whether his children wear costumes or khaki's and dress shirts, who am I to judge?

Grocery shopping was an experience too. It is amazing that according to my children, Dragons and Dalmations ONLY eat chocolate, chips and other items from the CRAP food group. Hmmm, maybe I won't be losing the baby weight this week.

I wonder when we start to worry about what other people think we look like? I can say I don't remember the moment or event that lead me to start to look at myself twice before I left the house, but regardless it happened. Today was very refreshing. Maybe next week we will be a trio of freaks and I can wear one of my old Halloween costumes....or maybe that I think about it I only have two Halloween costumes left. A super "sexy" angel and a biker bitch. Neither seems nearly appropriate enought to be seen in public with my 5 year olds.


At October 14, 2007 at 6:40 PM , Blogger Amy U. said...

In Oshawa you could totally get away with the biker bitch outfit and nobody would bat an eyelash!


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