Tuesday, November 20, 2007


If you click on the picture you can see it better. I really need to get better at this scanning picture thing. LOL.

Favourite Santa Pic

My absolute favourite picture of the boys with Santa was when they were about 15 months old. They were were not impressed. Judge for yourself!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Funny Post...Making Up for The Last One

We are trying to teach the Twinks to read. They know their letters and the sounds they make now, so we are working on the whole reading thing. They are five and boys and don't find learning to read terribly exciting. I try to use little rhymes to help them remember to spell and to help them with grammar.

I just about peed my pants today when I was reading with Twink B today. He asked what the dot at the end of the sentence we were reading meant. Before I could answer, Twink A spits out,"it's a dot to end your thought...duh.". I don't know where he got that (I am guessing their SK teacher) but oh my gosh, FUNNY.

Stressful Day

Today was a very stressful day for me. I get really bitchy when I am stressed. I try to visualize a calm, beautiful day when I get stressed...something like the picture to my left (just a beautiful view from our cottage).

My sister is 8 weeks pregnant and last night she called me and told me that she thought she was losing the baby. My heart dropped for her. I went and picked up my nephew (who is 18 months old) and brought him to my house for the night while her husband took her to the hospital. As I am sure all of you know how hard it is to sleep when something horrible is happening. I got no sleep.

My nephew woke up at 6am (which is only an hour earlier than I normally get up with the twinks) but it seemed REALLY early...and I still hadn't heard from my sister. We got up and I truly believe small children might not understand what is going on, but they get a vibe and just seem to know something isn't right. My nephew just wanted to be cuddled and my boys who are normally full of energy, were really low key too.

My brother in law called and said that the doctors were pretty sure that my sister had a utopic (sp?) pregnancy and they were just waiting for the ultasound. I felt awful for them.

About an hour later the phone rang again and this time it was GOOD news. My sister was still pregnant and the baby was healthy and fine. They figured that she had a flu of some sort and that was what was causing her cramps. THANK GOD!

I just spoke to her about an hour ago and she is feeling much better. I am exhausted. I didn't realize how stressed out I was until I knew everything was going to be okay.

On a lighter note (and completely urelated) Twink A told me today that he thinks Santa is going to die. When I asked him why, he told me because in his book (an old book from my childhood) Santa was smoking a pipe. I told him it was a bubble pipe and he wasn't smoking he was only blowing bubbles...and he bought it. I wonder how long they are going to believe everything I say as true? I hope they don't need therapy when they grow up.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The F Bomb.

Oops. Just in case you thought that you might win mother of the year award this year, you have a better chance now, because there is NO way that I will be winning it. Perhaps 2008 will be my year.

Got to love when I am at my mother's house with my two little darlings having a lovely dinner and one of your lovely little angels bangs his knee and mutters under his breath...but not under his breath enough "F**K".

Not "fudge", not "flip", but a full fledged F bomb. OMG!

I have no one to blame but myself. I have finally come to realize that the boys actually do listen to what I have to say...only when I don't really want them to listen. It is not like I curse like a sailor, it only slips out when I have really hurt myself, or my computer has crashed with all my work on it, or I have burnt cookies or something. Okay, maybe I do say it more than I should. I definately say it more than I should in front of the youngsters. Oh God. I suck.

I am going to make a concious effort to not swear ever again. Oh F**K it, who am I kidding. I am going to make a concious effort not to swear in front of the kids EVER again. That is achievable right?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Snowboarding Season is Almost Upon Us

I am very excited. It is "almost" time for Snowboarding season. I was introduced to this sport by my husband the first year we lived together. At first I HATED it. I fell on my ass about eight million times. We were on the hill for 4 hours and I only made it down the hill twice. LOL. I totally sucked.

But, it did get better. Every time I went out, I got a little bit better. Then something really interesting happened. I actually started to enjoy it. Now I LOVE it. I am not super great at it, but I can hold my own and have actually learned to do a few jumps and ride down the half pipe without killing myself.

This year we are introducing our sons to the sport. I really hope they enjoy it, because this is something we could do as a family. I wouldn't'have to find a babysitter to watch them when we go, they could just come with us. It would also mean we can go on weekend ski trips and stay at nice chalets and the kids would have something to do.

So when I hear people (like my mom) cursing the cold weather and praying that we don't get snow, I secretly wish we get a bloody blizzard and about 4 feet of the fluffy white stuff :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Whole Night To Myself.

Last night my DH took my boys to a motorcross event of some kind. They invited me, but I politely declined. As cute as the boys are when they are excited about mountain biking/dirt biking/bmx biking, I had a much grander idea for my evening...an evening alone. LOL

I made them an early dinner, packed their backpacks, gave them a kiss goodbye and then closed and locked the door.

I had an evening of being completely and utterly alone. I had a bubble bath, lit candles and had a robust glass of red wine. It is amazing how relaxed I felt, I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I put on my cozy jammies and came downstairs. I made myself a chicken sandwich and read a book.

I was lazy. I did nothing. I had a mental health evening. I watched The Notebook and cried like a baby.

When they returned at 10:30pm, I tucked my little babies into bed and gave my husband a big kiss. I needed that evening. I feel refreshed. I feel ready to do battle again.

Once you become a mother, I think it should be mandatory that once every couple of weeks, you get a night of complete and utter relaxation. I think it would make for much happier mommies.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I LOVE these books.

I think that the Chicken Soup for the Souls books should be required reading for any parent. I read a couple of stories every night, just to put my life in perspective. If the boys are getting on my nerves and I am feeling a little frustrated with them...I read a short story from one of these books. The stories sometimes add a bit of humor to my day and I can laugh. They sometimes give me wisdom I didn't have before, and remind me that my boys won't be small for long...they do grow up. They sometimes just remind me to be thankful for what I have, there are many people out there who have lost their children, or who were never blessed with them at all.

Recently I had a row with my sister (I have two of them, so arguments do happen occassionally) I was feeling upset about it and when I went to Shoppers Drug Mart I noticed a Chicken Soup for the Soul Sister's edition. I bought it. I read it. I laughed, I cried and I really thought about how insignificant our argument had been. Then I wrote comments above and below alot of the short stories. Sometimes funny, sometimes sentimental and sometimes just writing raw emotions. On the inside cover of the book I wrote a note to my sisters, that went something like this...

Next time you are pissed at me, or at your other sister, read this book. Add your comments. Really think about how unimportant whatever it is we are arguing about is. Then give it to them to read. I love you both so much, and I realize how lucky I am to have you both. Now read the stories and remind yourself how lucky we are.

I am thinking when my boys are older, I am going to do something similar. It is important we all realize how to cherish the ones we love, and how to have the humility enough to either apologize or realize that in the grand scheme of things....the small things that bother us really don't matter.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Feeling Selfish

Every once in a while, I get jealous of some of my friends that don't have kids. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my twinks. More than I ever thought would be possible. I love them more than anything in the world, but sometimes I just wish I could have a time out. An extended time out.

I have a cold and am feeling crappy and I wish that I could curl up on my couch, turn the fireplace on and read a book or watch a movie. An adult book or movie. I wish I could have a nap and not worry about being responsible for anyone but me. I wish I didn't have to get up and get them juice/snacks/breakup arguments/etc. I am feeling totally selfish. I am being very snappy with the boys today, something I try very hard not to do.

When my DH is sick he doesn't have to worry about any of those things. I don't think it would even occur to him to think about them. He just goes to bed, takes enough cold medicine to knock him out and he sleeps it away. He is a wonderful father, but ultimately the responsibility of the children seems to naturally fall on my shoulders. Gee. Now I not only sound selfish, I also sound resentful with a dash of bitchiness added in.

I am very grateful that I am able to be a SAHM but sometimes I wish I could just freeze everything around me and just have ME time. Maybe I will rifle through the kids Halloween treats and try and find a KitKat...that promises a break right?