Thursday, January 17, 2008

To Work Or Not To Work...That Is The Question

Before my DH and I decided to have children we discussed how we would like to have one of us be a Stay at Home Parent. When we had the boys I decided that I would like that job and DH thought it was a great idea too. We wanted the boys to have one of us home with them until they were in school full time - which would be next September.

I am a WAHM, I am an accountant and have been able to work in the evenings when the boys are sleeping or while they are in Kindergarten. I have had two amazing job opportunities come my way in the last few weeks. The first one was a job at the University in our town working in their offices, with some great benefits and a very good pay cheque as well. We discussed it and seeing as the hours were basically 9-5 Mon-Fri I decided to turn it down.

Today I was offered another job. This one the hours are a bit more flexible and the pay is WAY better. The pay is in the $65 -$70 000 a year range. Approximately 35 hours a week. I don't know what to do. My head is saying, the money would be great, we could buy the cottage we always wanted and take trips again and fun things like that. My heart is saying, I only have a few months left with my boys before they go to school full time and I will never get that time back again.

If these opportunities are coming up now, they will come up again...right? I don't know what to do. DH has told me it is my decision, if I want to take it, he will cut back on his hours and pick up the slack at home....but I feel a little bit selfish in thinking I should be the one to stay home with the boys for their last few months at home. I don't know what to do. Work has never been my passion (not that I am lazy) family has been. I don't know what the best decision for my family would be. My kids have never had a mom that works...any thoughts...suggestions.....fortune telling?

I leave you with a picture of my beautiful boys who are growing up WAY too fast.


At January 17, 2008 at 7:21 PM , Blogger Amy U. said...

Koll, you are such an amazing mom, always putting the boys first. I think you should take the opportunity! Sure, it's a few months more time you could be with the twinks, but you are in essence doing this for them, so that you can do the things you all enjoy together.

Either way, congratulations, you've got some great karma happening!



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